Hair day is a day set aside for an individual to give their hair a lot of attention and minimal interruption(s).

After accomplishing the the steps of washing, drying and oiling the hair, last is usually grooming. Every individual has a unique hair type, and the individual may not always be able to successfully straighten every area of their hair with only a flat iron or regular brush.


Which is why some may opt for another hair straightening solution.


  "Touch-up" is a familiar expression used when it comes to hair. Why? Because it usually indicates limited time to perform the multiple steps required. So option 2 is to give it that "quick-fix", but with some effort still applied.


So if you have a steaming date planned, a last minute invite, need to leave your home for a few quick errands or you're running a tad bit behind on an important morning meeting you just found out about, you still want to arrive looking well groomed, hair included.


   With weather, a lot of times it would be nice if hair could withstand all the elements that attacks our lovely locks. Unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way. So we have to prepare emotionally for when it does. Why? Because the outcome will require us to tend to our hair at some point soon.



    Having experienced these most common issues herself, Kenecia, decided to create the idea of a thermal brush that carries similar qualities of a hot comb and flat iron, to resolve these related problems.

So whether you've just finished washing your hair, are trying to resolve natures mishap or simply running short on time, a hair straightening tool that is tough as nails, yet gentle on hair and scalp along with easy functionalities, is needed to address these common matters.